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Welcome to LON-CAPA
The testdrive domain is separate from the main LON-CAPA network, so search, browse and import of content from the shared LON-CAPA repository of over 400,000 learning objects is unavailable here.

Instead, when using those features, the resources you find will include content published in the testdrive domain by other visitors such as yourself.

In addition, over time, a number of subject-specific folders will become populated over time with a handful of example resources as current LON-CAPA users add examples of the types of content available in the LON-CAPA network.

The subject areas are: astronomy accounting arthistory biochemistry biology botany chemicalengineering chemistry civilengineering computerscience earthscience economics electricalengineering entomology environmentalengineering finance genetics mathematics mechanicalengineering medicine nursing nutrition pharmacology philosophy physics physiology psychology statistics zoology

They can be found via Main Menu » Browse published resources, when you have an author or course coordinator role selected.

If you have questions about LON-CAPA please use the Contact Helpdesk web form.

If you are interested in joining the LON-CAPA network please read: "Before you start" on the main LON-CAPA site for more information.

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